Kono's short body is covered in red scales and well-fit, gaudy clothing under polished mithral armor with a large shield on his back.


Kono has never been one to take "no" for an answer. If someone is unwilling to give him what he wants, he will simply take it. If they are unable, then they are punished. The kobold is selfish, impatient, and feels very much entitled to the world, thought he is far from being too foolish to attempt to grasp the sun unless he knows he wont get burned. One would think people would run at the very sight of him, but he knows that more flies are attracted with honey. Therefore he puts on a smile and steps out into the arena to put on a show and make the fans love him rather than fear him.


Kono has worked hard to set himself apart from the simple-minded rabble of his people who are somehow content with a short life of servitude. He would spend nearly all of his free time with his tribe's shaman learning how to combine magic with the natural elements of the earth. Eventually he surpassed the shaman, not satisfied with simple tinctures and home-remedies. He left his tribe at a young age to pursue his dreams of grandeur.

Unfortunately, unlike the storybook characters who go an fantastic adventure, the next few years of Kono's life were hard. The prejudices of the more prominent races forced him into nigh-servitude, causing him to become bitter and resentful. His break came when he found work drumming up publicity for a gladiatorial arena near one of the major roads. His talents with alchemical and magical ingredients added a certain flare to the daily shows. Fireworks, light shows, and on occasion, even creatures summoned from other planes to fight in the arena are only a handful of what Kono brings to the table. In the recent decline, he has resorted to making useful magic items and potions for sale to help keep the arena afloat. In a way, his familiar and the arena are closest things he has to friends.

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