With mossy green eyes and bushy bark-colored hair, Kiera looks very much out of place outside of her forest home. She prefers patterned clothing in green and/or brown, as if to blend in with any trees or bushes around her. Her short stature makes her look more like a child than the adult she is.


Shy, quiet, clumsy with words, Kiera is used to the quiet and peace of the forest rather than the bustling clamor of cities. Unlike other forest gnomes, she's full of curiosity for the world, though technology tends to scare her a bit with its mystery.

Lack of human contact except with her mentor means that Kierna is fairly nice, trusting, and kind-hearted once she gets over her shyness.


Kiera vaguely remembers growing up in a small forest gnome community, a childhood of friendships and families and neighbors. But then something happened; a disaster, an attack, a fire - it's all a blur. In the chaos and confusion that ensued, she was separated. And the next day she found herself alone in the forest, separated. She was only 10 at the time... the equivalent of a 4-5 year old human.

She subsisted upon wild nuts and berries and fruits, wandering the forest, searching for her lost relatives (whom she never found... if they're still alive), avoiding travelers and monsters for years. Until one day, she encountered the druid Vyna, who took her on as an apprentice, taught her the Common tongue and how to read, and told her stories of the human world. So they lived for many more years, before Vyna decided her student had learned enough, and sent her out into the world to wander and roam on her own.

Having spent many years as a wilderness guide with her mentor, Kierna has a small reputation for quiet competency in the profession, and may have met other individuals through that avenue.


Spell Focus: Conjuration , Augment Summoning