At first glance, this building looks much like any other in the rich part of the city of Daggerford - a large two-story structure like a manor house. A second look reveals that the ground floor has no windows at all and the windows in the upper floor are covered with iron bars.

The building was once used by one of the rogues' guilds, but has since been claimed by the Church of Lathanderwho has decided to replace darkness with light. What better use for a den of thieves than to turn it into a house of healing? They tore out the furnishings and burned them, replacing the sofas and armchairs with simple truckle beds and enamel basins. Clerics moved in where the rogues had once ruled. Soon, the guild house was filled with the moans of the sick and dying, as robed priests and nuns moved from bed to bed, trying to ease their suffering.

The Hospice is dedicated to caring for the poor of the city, those who do not have the gold to pay for remove disease or even cure light wounds spells. Remove disease costs a minimum of 150 gold pieces, which is way beyond the means of most ordinary working people. Within the Hospice, they can receive free medical care. It does not grant instantaneous relief like magic does, but it does at least give a chance of recovery.

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