The longest-lived of the Netherese survivor-states, Hlondathans immediately began blaming others for the fall of Netheril, discounting the news that Karsus himself had caused the destruction of Netheril. Their favorite target for such blame were the elves of Cormanthyr, whom they saw as "accomplices of the phaerimm." They established good relations with the dwarves of Tethyamar, but otherwise concentrated on logging the nearby forest and herding cattle across the plains.



In 199 DR, the Hlondathans finally incited the Cormanthyrian elves into a war. In what became known as the Crown Against Scepter Wars, the elves and Hlondath exchanged a series of blows back and forth. Time after time, Myth Drannor crushed Hlondathan forces, and the wars served only to weaken Hlondath.

Force of arms would not serve to shield Hlondath from the approach of the Anauroch, however. The desert slowly consumed its fields and fertile plains, driving the few that remained farther into the heartland. In 329 DR, Hlondath was abandoned and its population migrated mostly to the Moonsea or to the Dalelands.

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