This tavern was established by Ethendal Arohannon as a meeting place for off duty Knights in Silver.

It quickly became popular as a stopover for paladins and good-natured warriors of all types. The patrons love to swap stories of past prowess, hear tales from outside the city from passing adventurers or just complain about the previous day’s duties. Monks and militant clerics of many faiths like to join in on occasion as well. The warriors accept them as brothers in arms but love to harass them just the same. Tests of strength and prowess are common in the tavern. Fighting is not allowed and disagreements rarely degenerate into such.

The rowdy and course nature of the place is quite suitable to dwarven and human temperament, and these make up the majority of the tavern’s patrons. Bards entertain here often, and they come to hear stories and tales as much as to sing them.

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