These carefully made chests fit together perfectly, the seams sealed and the rims scribed with protective runes. The hinges are etched with runes and oiled. Each has a lock built into the frame which is carved with sigils but inside and out. When it is closed, one of these chests is cold to the touch.

When the chests are closed, any items inside are held safe and kept from spoiling for some time (lasting ten times as long). It depends on the size of the chest how much can be held within:

• Small, holds 2 cubic feet, weighs 25 lbs empty. • Medium, holds 4 cubic feet, weighs 50 lbs empty • Large, holds 6 cubic feet, weighs 100 lbs empty • Huge, holds 8 cubic feet, weighs 250 lbs empty

Each chest is kept sealed by an arcane lock effect as well as by the installed lock, the keys enchanted as the same time as the chest can be turned to open both lock and the arcane lock when used.

Aura moderate abjuration and transmutation; CL 7th Slot none; Price 1,250 per cubic foot plus cost of the lock; Weight see above Construction Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, arcane lock, mage hand, slow, wall of ice; Cost 625 per cubic foot plus the cost of the lock

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