Graypeak Mountains

The Greypeak Mountains separate the Fallen Lands from the Delimbiyr River. The mountains are named after the gray-skinned stone giants who inhabit them. Other inhabitants include goblins, young dragons, and worgs.


Lost ruins, fallen civilizations, roving bands of orc and stone giants all make the Graypeak Mountains a place of adventure and dread. The center of the fallen Dwarven realm of Ammarindar, the Graypeaks shout out to those that would hear the call.

Most recently the call has been heard by a clan of shield dwarves from the north. Rumors say some twenty years ago a wanderer of clan Longhammer ventured deep into the mountains. After two months, he returned to Loudwater and spoke of long lost mines and ruins long forgotten. Within a 10 day he was gone, having left Loudwater to return to his clan.

Whatever he discovered, a year later a band of 100 shield dwarves returned and set out along the Delimbiyr River into the Great Vale of the Graypeaks. Clan Longhammer has now established a Dwarven Hall above the foothills of the Great Vale and are rumored to be mining a newly discovered adamantine deposit. Despite the odds they have managed to establish a well defended mountain redoubt that protects the newly built Longhammer Hall and the mines of the clan. With the Thunderblessing and the promise of a rich adamantine find, more and more of the stoutfolk are joining the clan and who knows, they may just succeed where so many others have failed.

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