Male (Red White) Whisper Gnome Warblade 1, init +7, HP 15/15, speed 30 AC: 15, Touch: 12, FF: 12, Fort: +6, Ref: +4, Will: +2, BaB +1

Abilities: Str: 15, Dex: 17, Con: 19, Int: 15, Wis: 14, Cha: 7 Flaws: Bad at sleeping (insomniac), frail (less hp), loves yelling about spikey things while he spikes things (loudmouth), gets sick when drinking potions (fussy)


Gogglestorph was born a slave. He worked in construction, helping build houses. His favorite part of building was hammering in nails. Seeing the nail push into the wood, hearing the rythmic thump, it all was so perfect. Until the fire nation attacked Until the rebellion. The slaves revolted. Poor Gogglestorph didn't know what to do. He was a loyal and good person, but also yearned for freedom. He decided to run. He ran from the construction site towards the wilderness. As he ran, he stepped onto an upright nail, which impaled itself into his foot. Slowed by the injury, he could no longer run and was captured by guards. A gibbet was erected and one by one, all the captured slaves were hung. Gogglestorph fell, and the rope went taught. As he slipped into unconsciousness, a crack was heard, a nail driven into the rope breaking it. He fell onto his hands and knees, looking up he saw it was no nail, but a spear now stuck into the gibbet. He was picked up by the neck and thrown ahorse before passing out. He woke in a rebel camp and continued to live his life there, helping them build, and learning the ways of the spear.

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