Frukul Beestinger
Basic Information
Gender Male
Race Whisper gnome
Rules Information
Class rogue


Short and very thin with numerous scars all over his body from his prison years. Overall seems wiry rather than tough.

Faded but penetrating grey eyes and shaven head (to avoid being grabbed)


Jaded and dissapointed with life. He now lives for himself and for every day as if it is the last one. Never forgets a slight and makes sure to pay it back, some times going even too far to get revenge and risking his own life for it.


Darkstalker, Craven


Frukul grew up in the dark underbelly of the city. Son of a harlot mother and a drunkard father he had to take care of himself before he could even walk and talk. The fact that he was often not fed properly and generally was ill taken care of meant he grew up shorter than most of his peers and hence got the monicker Little as a pejorative from his fellow gnomes. Often enough he was mistaken even for a halfling by those who couldnt tell the difference.

An aversion to those taller than him and their ways made it easy for him to join a gang of small folk, mostly gnomes and halflings, out for fun. Quickly though things got out of control. Pranks became bloodier and muggings became killings. Contrary to most of the softer members that quit quickly, he though thrived in this more brutal environment.

His growing up neglected and unwanted meant he really wanted to fit in and thus he fought tooth and nail to keep the group together. He failed as one of the halflings betrayed them to escape persecution and he spent 25 years in prison becoming harder and tougher and learning how to hide who he truly was. His young age meant he had escaped death but not long imprisonment. During this time he started to develop his mind along with his body and to his surprise he realised that where his skills were good... his mind was so much sharper.

He practiced until he reached a point he considered masterful enough and then escaped. It was harded than he had expected but still he managed with only minimal deaths involved. Obviously though someone had taken notice for two days out of prison, before he even had time to reclaim his gear and reaffirm his contacts