Frostdale is a small dale land at the far northern edge of the Dalelands, at the northern tip of the Border Forest, in 100 DR. The dale is an elven community, moon and wild elves, with a couple other good races. Three small villages make up this small, isolated dale.

A couple of centuries ago, around -290DR, a power rose in Frostdale: The Baroness Yillaraigosa Frost. She bult a small keep, Fangwood Keep, and ruled the land with an iron fist. And her various plant monsters. Until -277 DR, when the dwarves rose up to oppose her. The Frostaxe War raged for years, until -271 DR when Baroness Frost defeated the dwarves and killed nearly all of them. The victory was at great cost and her forces were greatly weakened. Sensing the opportunity the folk of Frostdale rose up and were able to defeat her remaining forces. And in -270 DR Baroness Yillaraigosa Frost was captured and killed. Fangwood Keep was left to fall into ruin.



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