A luxury manor built in approximately -2000 DR by the Netherese mage, Prespur, to whom the isle is named after. Was partially ruined, heavily weathered, and entirely looted over the next several millenia. Was re-built and converted into garrison fort for the Cormyrian Freesailors by order of Palaghard I Obarskyr in 1165 DR.


  • The Coronation Crown of Palaghard I

According to legend, Immurk the Invincible, and Pirate King of the Isles stole the coronation crown of King Palaghard I Obarskyr of Cormyr in the Year of Long Shadows, 1164 DR. The crime was so audacious that Palaghard believed that no one could be so brave, and that the Procampan master jewelers who’d crafted it must be cheating him instead. Palaghard I mustered the Cormyrian Navy and nearly declared war on Procampur before being corrected. Immurk’s role was eventually revealed and the crown recovered.

In response to this audacious crime, Palaghard I enacted the following changes: 1. The partially ruined manor of the Netherese mage Prespur be converted into a fort for Cormyrian garrisons to ensure year-round presence in the Inner Sea. 2. Palaghard I drafted the initial Letter of Marque which formed the Cormyrian Freesailors organization.

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