Ferthgil was raised by mountain dwarves in the Greypeak Mountains, his father Breachin Trollslayer had been a wandering Ironsmith, who plied his trade in the numerous small villages which dot up and down the sword coast. However, Breachin met an unfortunate end defending his son from a patrol of Verbeegs in the Cloudpeak Mountains, and young Ferthgil (only in his teens) wandered, helpless and lonely for days carrying only his father's axe. It was at this time that he was found by a certain Gulmoth Stonehearth an Alaghor (priest) of Clanggedin Silverbeard. Gulmoth saw all the rage and frustration in Ferthgil, but also saw the potential nobility that the young lad had. Gulmoth trained the lad at Stonehearth keep a haven for dwarves in the Southern Sword Coast, and here Ferthgil learned to channel his rage in the service of the God of War.

However Ferthgil, had inherited from his father a desire to see the world, and could not stay long in one place, so one morning Ferthgil left the haven and seclusion of Stonehearth Keep and went on his way.

Ferthgil was clanless, homeless, and more importantly penniless, but on the way to Velen in the South he met with someone who was to become his life long companion, Tearlac Truehammer, of Clan Truehammer in the North. Tearlac and Ferthgil became firm friends and before long, Ferthgil began to feel he belonged somewhere. Although not officially, he was considered as part of the Truehammer clan.

Ferthgil will on first meeting look average enough, and indeed will strike you as a particularly cantankerous dwarf, but through his training from Gulmoth, he has learnt to channel his rage against the enemies of Clanggedin. For those who have never seen this, the change is startling, Ferthgil becomes a mighty adversary, and his battle cries have been known to reach the ears of Clanngedin himself all the way to in his fortress in Arcadia?

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