Formerly called "the Far Forests" before its scarred, riven woodlands rejoined into a single, unbroken forest, this wood is named for its remoteness from civilized lands. Once home to many sprites, the Far Forest is studded with small lakes and crisscrossed by ancient game-trails. Its deepest reaches hold giant spiders and lurking horrors descended from the results of Netherese beast-experimentations.

The sprites fled or were slaughtered when fiends out of Hellgate Keep infested the woods, corrupting its very trees with their evil. Almost overnight, the woodlands became a battleground of fiends slaying and devouring each other. The Far Forest soon became dark and deadly, a place where taproots strangled and drank blood, tress smothered each other, and deadly webs were everywhere.

Humans won't find any part of the thickly grown Far Forest free of danger. Owlbears, ettercaps and spiders, stirges, snakes, bears, and giant beetles all roam its wooded ridges and rolling hills. Its lakes are small and some are still fouled, but others survive as treacherous quaking bogs where will-o'-wisps lurk - and the occasional chuul waits in submerged hiding to drag unfortunate creatures down.

The eastern verge of the forest is more lightly wooded, thanks to the heavy grazing of an increasingly numerous herd of deer. The Far Forest also hides a handful of ancient ruins. Most are fallen and overgrown beneath roots and vines, but a rare few are still visible as thrusting turrets or exposed walls of stone amid the greenery.

Motril the Younger, one of the centaur leaders of Clan Hoofmight, has discussed plans of moving some of his clan here both to expand their territory and to fight the fiends that remain in isolated pockets. As of this writing, the exodus has not progressed much beyond the idea. Also, the treants under Turlang and a clan of leprechauns are currently effective at ridding the Far Forests of fiends.

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