Book of Vile Darkness

   Lying (pg 7)- Not necessarily Evil, but Paladins still fall for it.
   Cheating (pg 7)
   Theft (pg 7)
   Betrayal (pg 7) -Does not have to be intentional.
   Murder (pg 7) -Killing for a "nefarious purpose", like personal gain, theft, or pleasure.
   Vengeance (pg 8)- not necessarily evil, but leads to evil acts.
   Worshipping Evil Gods and Demons (pg 8)
   Animating or Creating Undead (pg 8) -Even if the undead are commanded to do good, it's still Evil because of negative energy.
   Casting Evil Spells (pg 8)
   Damning or Harming Souls (pg 8)
   Consorting with Fiends (pg 8)- Includes:
       Allowing Fiends to exist*
       Selling one's soul to Fiends
       Summoning a Fiend
       Helping Fiends
   Creating Evil Creatures (pg 9)
       Allowing Evil creatures to "remake fallen foes in their image"
   Using others for Personal Gain (pg 9)
       Sacrificing another for a boon
   Greed (pg 9)- Although not an Evil Act in and of itself (it's not an act at all, but a motivation), it can easily lead to Evil Acts.
   Bullying or Cowing Innocents (pg 9)- Includes use of political and magical power in coercion, as well as physical power.
   Bringing Despair (pg 9)
   Tempting Others to do Wrong(pg 9)
   Tapping into Evil Power (pg 77)- Regardless of effects or reason for it, it's Evil. Period. This one's really broad, covering any Evil (Ex)traordinary, natural (when there's no tag), (Su)pernatural, (Sp)ell-like, and so on.

Book of Exalted Deeds

   Forcing Anyone to Commit an Evil Act (pg 10)
   Using a Poison that Deals Ability Damage (pg 34) Using Drow knockout-poison is not evil.
   Killing a Good Creature to Harvest its Parts or Organs (pg 37)
   Committing Murder for Money (pg 73)

Notes: "In the D&D universe... an Evil act is an Evil act no matter what good result it may acheive" (BoED pg 9) -Although the BoED acknowledges that an Evil act might cause greater good, the act remains Evil.

  • Note: Although it is not explicitly stated, you could make the argument that a Paladin doesn't allow Fiends to exist in the same sense that a police department doesn't allow illegal drug deals to exist: it does its best to combat them, and by no means approves of their existence, but eliminating them entirely is too impractical to consider

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