Evan Flamelich is a rock gnome Orcale and a worshiper of Sarenrae.


A 3' 5 red haired gnome with golden eyes.

Class FeaturesEdit

Oracles Curse (Haunted), Mystery (Flame), Revelation (Cinder Dance), Mystery Spell (Burning Hands), Revelation (Molten Skin), Mystery Spell (Resist Energy)


=Magic ItemsEdit

Headband of Alluring Charisma +2, Ring of Protection +1, Amulet of Natural Armour +1


Favored Class Bonus: Skill points +1 CL for Fire spells

Evan and his friendly rival Dorn Silvertongue (Gnome Bard) have had a habit of daring each other to more and more ridiculous social challenges (Evan has always been slightly ahead):

Some past challenges: Convince a (minor) Kobold clan to use a desert spoon as a major implement in their religious rituals. Convince a small town to put up wanted reward posters (featuring an image resembling the town mayor from a nearby town). Convince the fans of a sports team to use a new chant (which sounded good until voiced by many at once, then the phonetics revealed a previously hidden meaning). Talked a town cryer into shouting a message (ala "anyone seen Mike Hunt") (far too often)