Eriza is a female halfling cleric of Brandobaris.


Eriza does not have much that distinguishes him from the rest of her race. Average height and build, curly hair of light wrown that matches the color of her eyes. Her face is clean and friendly and almost always smiling. She is always sober in his dressing and accessories, never caring too much about possesions, her only true treasure is the Holy Symbol given to him by hhe mentor and friend Yallrun.


Curious, jolly and good hearted, she enjoys life and loves the chances to travel and the novelties that her adventuring lifestyle involves. she has a friendly attitude toward almost anyone, but is not stupid or gullible, she often allows others to get caught in their first impression and surprise them when he shows her insight. She does not travel for profit or power but mostly to have fun and to increase her knowledge. Her greatest goal is to find the truth about herself and her abilities.

Cordial and friendly, she has a good sense of humor and the tendency to act like a teen ager at times. She is also extremely curios and has a particular love for reading. She can often be annoying by her love for pranks and quirk sense of humor, but mostly for her tendency to open her mouth in every situation, even when her very instinct suggest him to shut up.

Eriza has adventured for almost two years, joining a few adventurers groups and visiting different towns, she mosly left those people in good terms, and managed to make a name for herself. She also has quite a reputation among the halfling priesthood. Among her few friends the most important is Yallrun Fasthand, a cleric of Brandobaris and her favorite mentor from the almost 10 years she spent being trained by the halfling priesthood.


Eriza's early years were no different from any other Halfling, helping her parent, playing with friends, getting in trouble, a fun and carefree existence. She had a love for reading and knowing, she tried to learn the most he could about magic and learned much about the foreign lands, especially by listening of the youth stories of Yallrun Fasthand, an elder cleric of Brandobaris who spended most of his life adventuring, and in his heart started the desire to follow the footsteps of his mentor, and the hope that out there he could find the answers to his questions. The more years passed the more restless she grew, until one day she decided to leave, to follow his wishes and become an adventurer, many priest wnere unhappy about her decision and tried to dissuade him, to no avail.


Spell Focus (conjuration), Extend Spell