The Endless Stair is yet another planar anomaly. It is, as the name implies, an endless stairway which leads from plane to plane in the Outer Planes. If one is looking at a traditional diagram of the planes going “up” on the Stairway takes one counterclockwise and going “down” takes one clockwise. Every so often on the Stairway will be a balcony or landing over looking the vast infinite space of the Astral Sea. On balconies or landings will sometimes be a door. These doors open as portals to a plane. Next to each door will be a painting depicting a vast landscape, somewhere within which the doors exit is. There will be several doors per plane on the Stairway. A short hallway will delineate the beginning of each new set of landings, which is wider than the stairway. Before the hallway starts there will be a plaque written in a completely indecipherable script. The hallway will have several large paintings on each side: these are paintings of various locales within the plane that this section of the Stair leads to. Each painting will have two small plaques on the bottom and right sides. Tubes on the ceiling filled with phosphorescent liquids light the hallways along with torches on the stair and chandeliers in the landings. There are no inhabitants, but one traveling on the stair can and sometimes does encounter other beings.

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