Eliphas was once a normal Spellknight, he spent his time researching spells, fighting giants, drinking ale at the tavern, traveling, helping those in need. This changed when he met up with a group of holy warriors to help with clearing a small town of a devil-worshiping cult. During the assault on the cult Eliphas engaged the leader of the cult, after defeating him the cultist fled. Following him Eliphas fell into a trap, the cultists had taken an enveloping pit and filled it with Quintessence, a magical substance that would stop time for anything covered in it, stumbling into the pit Eliphas was quickly enveloped and the pit was hidden by the cultists. As the cultists were cleared out of the town, the pit was lost and Eliphas was thought dead. More than a century would pass before Eliphas once again returned to the time stream. In time the quintessence lost it's power and released it's prisoner. Unknown to him a dark intelligence had taken an interest in the young halfling, planting the seeds of despair in Eliphas' mind. Trying to return to society Eliphas found himself out of touch with others, he retreated into an abandoned tower and once again started his research, this time trying to bridge the gap between him and others. During his studies a darkness seeped into his thoughts, his research going towards bending the will of others instead of learning from it. After a decade of study Eliphas had turned from a out of touch champion of good into a twisted force of evil. He started attracting servants through willpower alone. Now after a decade of experiments Eliphas is finally moving from his tower, with a darkness residing inside him, and a powerful fighting force following his every whim.

As the halfling leaves his tower behind, the darkness that has fouled his mind seems to gather, into a vaguely human shape, the only features to be seen are the ominously glowing eyes, a mouth filled with impossibly sharp teeth twisted into the resemblance of a grin.

Eliphas born: 1222 DR

Trapped in pit:1250 DR

Freed from pit:1350 DR


Psicrystal Containment (1st), Inquisitor (3rd), Mindsight (6th), Flaw: Tomb-Tainted Soul, Flaw: Extend Power, Alertness (Psicrystal)

Flaws-Vulnerable, Shaky Trait: Detached

Magic ItemsEdit

Headband of Intelligence +2, Enveloping pit, Anklet of Tranlocation, Ring of Anticipation

+1 Smoking Rapier, +1 Chainshirt, +1 Heavy Wooden Shield


Rengis the druid First 2: The 'Twins', Dread Necromancers. Next 5: The Nameless Last 1: Jeff

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