Edrick Grayhawk is the founder of Grayhawk Keep.


Edrick was born in 1232, to a father mercenary and a mother camp follower. He grew up on the road with that mercenary company, The Hawk Swords. Edrick, naturally, grew up to be a mercenary. He lived the life of a mercenary for several years, until 1266, when Edrick aged 34 decided he wanted more from live then the life of a mercenary. He decided to build a keep. He found a piece of land out in the borderlands and wished to bring civilization too. The keep was finally completed in 1270, just in time for Edrick's 50th birthday. The keep was named Grayhawk Keep and Edrick took the last name of Grayhawk. Edrick had dreams of creating his own barony of Grayhawk. He never got much of a chance, being in the saddle and in combat more then running things at the keep. Finally, in 1277, Edrick was killed fighting a chaos beast just outside the keep.

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