The Citadel of the Raven was a fortress of the Zhentarim that was situated within the Dragonspine Mountains in the western portion of the Moonsea region. The citadel itself was the main feature of the stronghold, which rested in the center of 10 miles of interconnected fortresses on the western end of the Dragonspines. It was a well-fortified and well-protected fortress.

The citadel supported a small community of refugees from Zhentil Keep around its outskirts. This was originally discouraged by the Zhentarim, though they later saw the benefits to controlling such a community.


Originally constructed by a long forgotten kingdom, it was rebuilt in 1276 DR, to stop any possible invasions from either The Ride or Thar, by a joint collection of the Moonsea city-states. Included in this cooperative effort were Yulash, Zhentil Keep, Melvaunt, Thentia, Hillsfar and Mulmaster. In 1355 DR Zhentil Keep attacked its allies of the Moonsea, taking complete control of the citadel. It was later made the main base of operations for the Zhentarim in 1361 DR by the archmage Manshoon and by 1366 DR the Zhentarim had completed the securing of their recources within the citadel fortress.<re

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