She Who Dwells in the House Lesser Deity (Chaotic Neutral)

The jealous Chantico is the guardian of homes and hearths, jewelry and of fires. Although she bucks the authority of others, she is very defensive of what is hers and tolerates no thieves. She appears as a dark-skinned beautiful woman bedecked in precious metals and stones and wearing a crown of poisonous cactus spines. This intimidating crown also serves as her holy symbol.

   Chantico can also take the form of a red serpent, but may also appear as a dog; a form she was turned into previously as punishment for consuming a taboo food (a paprika) during a fast.
   Chantico is worshipped by jewelers, metalsmiths, homemakers and soldiers for both her gifts and the wrath she bestows on those that would threaten them. She treats thieves and despoilers as bitter enemies and displays her displeasure in the forms of eruptions and flame.
   Chantico is giving to her worshippers, but she is temperamental and has been known to lose patience with followers on a whim. Those who plead to her for forgiveness, even without reason, rarely find the goddess displeasure.
   Portfolio: Gems, jewelry, hearths, home, wealth.
   Domains: Chaos Protection, Volcano, Wealth*.
   Cleric Training: Prospective clerics of Chantico must first spend a period of time in physical servitude to the goddess before they are initiated in the rites of the priesthood. Often this service takes the form of care and upkeep of a local temple: keeping building clean and well-maintained, as well as making sure the hearth-fire within never dies. Many initiates take the opportunity to learn about gem cutting and jewelry making from more experienced clerics during this time.
   Quests: Clerics of Chantico travel the lands following rumors of mineral wealth waiting to be excavated from the ground. Some of the more martially-inclined work to break up thieves' guilds or supplement local armies as mercenaries.
   Prayers: Prayers to Chantico are a combination of fawning over the goddess's presence, pleading with her for mercy from her wrath and cautious requests for gemstones. They are toadying, but that suits Chantico's sometimes mercurial personality.
   Temples: Temples to Chantico can be found in most large communities, and always feature a large hearth that is kept constantly alit. These temples often act as temporary lodging for weary travelers - at a cost.
   Rites: Fire-lighting ceremonies are performed by the clergy at sunset, as several small fires and hearths are lit from the fires of the temple's eternal flames. These ceremonies are quiet and solemn, but an important affirmation of the comforts of home.
   Herald and Allies: Chantico usually sends a fire weird (Monster Manual II) as her herald. Her planar allies are Medium, Large and Huge fire elementals, magma paraelementals (Manual of the Planes) and thoqqua.
   Favored Weapon: Dagger.

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