One of Damara's border duchies, Carmathan provides a great length of the Damaran-Impilturan border. While some scale of mining occurs in most Damaran provinces, Carmathan's main trade good is food - a good harvest in Carmathan can feed the entirety of Damara, making control of this area immensely important for control over Damara. The current Duke had been almost completely unknown in Damara before taking the seat of House Devlin after the death of his "brother" in the fighting to prevent Gareth's unification of Damara. The Duchy continues to be among the least loyal to King Dragonsbane. Recently, though, an old House Devlin nurse has come forward to publicly state that she can't recall the current Duke having been born to the house, and the geneologies of the Monastery of the Yellow Rose also seem to suggest that he's an imposter - making the political future of Carmathan rather uncertain. Capital: Ravensburg (pop. 3,500)

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