Bub was born in Daggerford, a village situated on the Trade way between Baldurs Gate and Waterdeep. The seventh son of a farmer Bub grew up on the farm and became his fathers favourite son. In his youth his father taught him the ways of rural life and his brothers helped him with hunting skills. It wasn't long before they noticed he had a keen eye and his skill with the bow became as good as any bowman of the Castle guard. Each year life on the farm carried on as usual. Occasionally he would find himself with his brothers and the local militia defending Daggerfords farmsteads against marauding Lizard Folk from the Lizard Marsh but most of the time life on the farm went unchanged. It was a few days after one particular Highharvesttide that things started to change. Bub had made his regular visit to Daggerford to sell produce at the local market when the call to arms was made. A group of Ogres had sneaked through the Misty Forest from the High Moor and were attacking the local farmsteads, killing farmers and stealing whatever food they could carry. Concerned for his families safety Bub left the wagon and rode straight out of Farmers gate with three miles ahead of him at the Gallop. By the time he'd reached the farm his brothers were already heavy into fighting several large Ogres the sheer size of which sent fear shearing through his body. It was at that time that he remembered the talisman that his father had given to him as a child. The symbol of Tempus which hung around his neck. Bub can't remember what happened that day but when he joined his brothers in battle it was as if he'd been blessed with the speed and strength of ten men. No Ogre stood in his way. His arrows were true to the mark and each swing of his blade offered no resistance. Within the space of an hour all Ogres were dead and his brothers could only look upon him with awe. Soon after the encounter Bub's attitude changed. He became less interested in rural life and decided to take up a profession as a hired adventurer. He travelled first to Baldurs Gate then onto the town of Beregost where he plies his trade as a swordsman protecting the local farmsteads from Ogres and any other unwanted guests.

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