Bright Blade Brandished
Geographical information
Type Tavern
Area Silverymoon,
Northwest Faerûn
Societal information
Exports Ales, wines

The Bright Blade Brandished was a favorite tavern of adventurers in Silverymoon.


The building was located in Northbank, on Sunset Lane in the westernmost angle of the Wallrun in the Gem of the North.


The alehouse consisted of two floors with curtained alcoves and booths of rustic charm, with curtained alcoves and booths.


The establishment was exceptionally luxurious and everyone was welcome there, no matter how strange or dangerous they were.


The service was attentive and accommodating, the barmaids were often seen taking care of disputes, and even guided drunks home. The staff was aided by wizards earning 1 sp per Mage hand spell to deliver drinks quickly from customer to customer.

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