(AKA: Neverwinter Woods)

The forest known as Neverwinter Woods, once covered all the lands from the [[Spine of the World]], east to the Evermoors and Dessarin River, west to the coastal cliffs and south to the Sword Mountains. In Illefarn’s time it made up much that was the Principality of Iliyanbruen This forest seems to have a fey and magical quality about it, or at least an air of mystic secrecy. The always warm river flowing from the wood has its source de ep under Mount Hotenow, a sleeping northern volcano home to fire elementals. The steep mountains north of Hotenow hide griffon lairs. These woods have never been logged by men, Neverwinter is feared and shunned by locals and even today its depths are large ly unknown. The woods are said to harbor fearsome creatures, and even orc hordes always go around the woods, never through them. The key to the Forests survival rests mainly with the Green Elves who have always inhabited it, and the large community of Eld er Treants that call the Forest home. The woods are primeval, ancient beyond memory of even the eldest beings on Faerun. Something truly ancient and primordial dwells within the heart of the forest that keeps the greatest of evils at bay.

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