Arabel was a city in northern Cormyr. The city was at an important crossroads and was a major trade center. As of 1372 DR, it was ruled by Myrmeen Lhal. It was one of the cities damaged in the Goblin Wars. A person from Arabel was known as an Arabellan.


Arabel was about 30 miles (48 kilometers) east of Eveningstar.[1]


Arabel was at the junction of the High Road, Calantar's Way, the East Way, and the Moonsea Ride.

Laws and customsEdit

Unlike other Cormyrian cities, inhabitants of Arabel, even mercenaries, could keep their weapons unbound.


Arabel was almost as old as Suzail. It began as a logging camp, and maintained a degree of independence. The first rebellion occurred during the reign of King Tharyann, who put an end to it.By 245 DR, Arabel was in rebellion again. By 376 DR, Arabel had seceded three times.

Another rebellion occurred some time between 376 DR and 432 DR, caused by a "Merchants' Revolutionary Committee". A battle in the Stonelands caused orcs to be driven south, and although this would normally be enough to cause Arabel to rejoin Cormyr, there was no military aid available, and the orcs conquered the heart of the King's Forest.

In 1018 DR, Arabel was attacked by a pair of green dragons.

The Usurper King Gondegal seized power in Arabel in 1352 DR with the aim of using the city as a central location for the formation of a new kingdom. He was overthrown eight days later by the Cormyrean army, led by King Azoun IV.

During the Time of Troubles, the goddess Tymora, Lady Luck herself, protected the city.

Notable locationsEdit

Inns and tavernsEdit


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