Angah Lalla
Basic Information
Home Scornubel
Gender Male
Race Human
Rules Information
Class Thief

Angah Lalla is a curios dealer and fence for stolen goods in the city of Scornubel.


Angah dresses in flowing off-white robes with a black veil. He wears a large gold rune-engraved amulet of protection +2 around his neck. His long black hair is braided and tied with off-white cloth. He speaks in a hoarse whisper.


There are rumours that Angah is from the lands east of Thay and Rashemen or Zhakar, mostly perpetuated by his dress sense and his reluctance to show his face.

Angah is actually a character invented by a married couple, Aareem and Leila, who came to Scornubel from Sembia after angering a powerful prince. One half of the team is usually out collecting information while the other stays behind in the shop. Aareem and Leila are both in their forties with a teenage daughter named Ezther who has recently also begun assuming the guise of Angah.


Angah's shop is near the centre of Scornubel and appears large from the outside but it is dimly lit with maze-like shelving arrangements within. The contents of the shop consist of weapons, books, scrolls, armor and other knick-nacks. There is a thick smell of incense inside. A hidden door operates within the shop.

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