Anaglan Kernigan
Basic Information
Gender Male
Race Half elf
Patron deity Malar
Rules Information
Class wizard


Tall and lean for a dark elf, but with sickly skin nothing like the bronze perfection of his sun-elf ancestors. He is dressed in drab browns and grays of no particular cut, worn boots, and a tattered cloak that might have been royal blue once upon a time.


While he is eloquent and can be charming, those around him for very long note that he is a dark and brooding soul. While he rarely loses his temper, he has a very expressive face, and it is easy to tell what mood he is in, or what he is thinking. (Terrible Poker face too)

For all his faults and flaws, he just has a will to live, to survive, to keep going. His failures make him angry, and anger makes him stronger. (Or so he feels)


Negotiator, Toughness, Combat casting, Scribe scroll, Summon familiar


Murky Eyed- Anaglan has horrible night vision. When the light is less than excellent, he has a hard time making it out.

Poor Reflexes- He usually jumps the wrong way when things come at him

Nicker "Nick"- Raven Familiar

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