These amulets are made from the melted silver, on one side is Helms holy symbol: the eye of vigilance. On the other side is the symbol of the country the amulet was made in. The amulet is attuned to the country.

The wearer of the Amulet of the Vigilant Eye becomes hyper-aware of threats to the country, gaining a +5 competence bonus to Perception checks and a +3 competence bonus to Sense Motive checks. The wearer also gains a +1 morale bonus to attacks against any enemy of the Republic and a +3 morale bonus to defeat any mental effect designed to turn them from their service to Helm or the country it is attuned too.

Unfortunately, the wearer becomes humorless and focused only on serving Helm and/or the attuned country, suffering a -2 penalty to all Bluff and Diplomacy checks. They also find it difficult to overlook any threat to the religion of Helm or the attuned country, no matter how small, requiring a Will Save DC 12 to overlook a minor crime (such an as orphan stealing an apple, upsetting the economy) and going up from there.

Aura moderate transmutation; CL 7th Slot neck; Price 4,500; Weight –

Construction RequirementsEdit

Create Wondrous Items, detect thoughts, lesser geas, owl’s wisdom, the creator must be a Republican loyalist; Cost 2,250

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