Amos dubbed himself with the insufferably arrogant surname Dawnherald. He is a born and bred Baldurian, and has devoted his life's work to Amaunator. As such, he has begun his service in the local temple, and has begun grating on even the most legalistic of Amaunator's servants. While the church has little need for an inquisitor in Baldur's Gate, they cannot deny the young man's talents for guilt and his zealotry for the law. His mentor at the temple has devised a plan to send Amos away on a journey to prove himself to Amaunator, saying that he will "know when he has done enough in Amaunator's eyes to return." If Amos returns, the temple will have skilled inquisitor for whom they will have to invent jobs, and if he doesn't...then he was a brave memory. Either way, they have rid themselves of Amos for at least a little while.

Amos is the quintessential legalistic zealot. Calling out and challenging evil in all of its forms, no wrongful act is too small to be reprimanded. Supremely naive, he believes himself to be unquestionably right in every situation. He has also been known to scream "I AM the law!" in the midst of a heated debate, as is common amongst legalistic Baldurians.