Beneath the vale of the Delimbiyr River, between the High Forestand the Graypeak Mountains, lie the ruins of the old shield dwarf kingdom of Ammarindar. This once-mighty realm fell into darkness in 882 DR, at the same time that the elven realm of Eaerlann was swept away by fiends boiling forth from the city of Ascalhorn. It was this incident that earned that realm the moniker of Hellgate Keep.

For centuries, the demon overlords of Hellgate Keep explored the buried dwarven realm beneath their fortress. They used its spacious halls and cold forges to gather armies of orcs and breed demonborn warriors, such as the tanarukks.

Ammarindar was located some 250 miles southeast of Menzoberranzan and was linked to the city by dwarven tunnels carved over the Darklake.


Originally carved by dwarves, the city's tunnels bore many features of dwarven architecture. The city had large boulevards and large chambers. The walls were inscribed with Dethek runes.

Ammarindar had a foundry of black iron and runes. It was located in a huge cavern with pillars carved into the shapes of dragons.


Ammarindar was a dwarven kingdom founded in -4100 DR.


  • Unspoken Hall

The Unspoken Hall was built in -1650 DR by a cult of evil dwarves founded by Balik Blackhand who worshiped the demon lord Baphomet. They created this cavern with the needs of demons in mind and erected several portals to other locations of this cult (including Iltkazar and the Labyrinth). The Hellfire Forge transports demons directly to the Abyss.

  • Blacktooth Rock

Blacktooth Rock was an intersection of tunnels in Ammarindar named for a large black stalactite that looked like a fang biting into fungus (Araumycos). The intersection was a layered chamber carved by the dwarves and full of Araumycos by 1372 DR.

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