Aluendale Maendellyn is a human female cleric of Tempus.


Aluendale was born on Hammer 8th 1209DR. Aluendale became a slave gladiator in 1234 DR.

First OwnerEdit

And let me tell you, as far as owners got very lucky. You got the absent, distant owner. You could have gotten one like mine. Zerriksa Vilmandril. She was an old crone, a real battleaxe too. She hated all the young women in the world with their beauty. So what did she do? She bought every female slave she could and tossed them into the arena to die. And from each one, she cut a a lock of hair. And then using some foul necromancy magic she bound a little bit of each woman's soul to the hair. When the lock of hair was stroked downward, the sound of that woman's laughter was heard, and when stroked upwards, the sound of that woman' screams of pain were heard. That is the owner I had

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