Alduin, Level 1 Conjuration (Teleportation) Wizard Academic Elf, doesn't really understand people and has a habit from studying alone so long that he talks quite frankly/starkly about his thoughts out loud as if not talking to anyone in particular. Uses sense motive by talking to his Familiar (a hawk) he doesn't really understand people but Lucien seems to. Wants to see what magic he can find out in the world and wants to make the world a better place. Opposing schools are Necromancy (Opposed to the Elven idea of life preservation) and Enchantment (Believes the mind is everyones greatest treasure and should not be messed around with).

Stats: (tell me if you need more they may be too high :/) HP: 11

Str: 10 (0) Dex: 17 (+3) Con: 13 (+1) Int: 18 (+4) Wis: 14 (+2) Cha: 12 (+1)

Init: 3

AC: 13 Touch: 10 FF: 10

Fort Save: 1 Ref Save: 3 Will Save: 4

BaB: 0 Spell Resistance: 0 CMB: 0 CMD: 13

Skills I have taken are: Know (Arcana): 8 Know (Nature): 8 Know (Religion): 8 Linguistics: 8 Perception: 7 (With alertness) Spellcraft: 10

Sense Motive: 4 (Has a bonus because of alertness but no ranks taken

Inventory (yet to be finalised): Shortbow Spell Component Pouch Spellbook Scroll Case Backpack Paper (20 sheets) Ink vial Inkpen Explorers Outfit Flask (3) Arrows (20)

Total 18.5 weight


Scribe Scroll Toughness


Low light vision Elven Immunities Elven Magic Keen Senses Arcane Bond (Hawk) (Perhaps I should change to owl because of the setting) Alertness Master gains a +3 bonus on sight-based and opposed Perception checks in bright light Improved Evasion (Familiar) Summoners Charm Shift


  • 1-Protection from Evil

Grease Obscuring Mist Unseen Servant Color Spray Silent Image Enlarge Person Feather Fall

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